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I officially welcome you to my website. This is the time for the church to begin to experience a Holy Revolution that would bring by a revelation for end-time TRANSFORMATION for unprecedented Miracles, Signs and Wonders in all our services and bible study groups all over the world. Please take your time as you navigate through this website.

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What People Say About Us

1/3. Sometime in 2016-2017 you wrote me a message re:2Chron 20:20b about believing in Prophets. Also thanking me for the gift of the Amplified Bible. I found that note of prayer now today during my reading time with your Prophet's Word that tells me to PRAY. "God I decree and declare Strength to every Organ of my Body every Bone, Ligament, Vein in my body--------hear Now the Lord . Be healed Now in Jesus name Amen."

Barbra Rea

2/3. Sit suddenly occurred to me that my knee is pain free, this knee that medical doctors wanted to replace and I declined such action. You saw daily the pain and struggle I had to walk, dragging that leg everywhere after a torn ligament rendered knee action useless for past few years. I declare and decree that it is healed according to the Lord as you as Prophet directed me to Pray the above Word to Him. That Word----His Healing--- put my body back in alignment so that remaining Healings could take place where needed.

Barbra Rea

3/3. Oh the Depth of God. Such miracles are in His Hand, awaiting the asking from us. Thank you for delivering God's message to me so that this Healing could occur and bring the Glory right around back to Him. Be Blessed Prophetess Princess as His diligent servant walking out His Love in this lonely and hostile land called Earth. All Glory to Him in what you do.

Barbra Rea

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet you and giving me words of wisdom, more understanding and insight on how to receive from God through prayer. I am seeking things from God for my life what he wants me to do in ministry what he had call me to do. I know its something that I have recieved the key for, through the prayers I received from you. You prayed to God from your heart and soul for me to do the will of God. Your heart is pure to go all over the World to be able minister to others makes you Special doing a very Special ministry. The work of God you are doing is not Self. I Thank God for you.

Bro. John

All thanks to God for using you to impact my life and I also thank you for allowing God use you to raise me. Am gld because you didn't only raise me but your impact in me few years ago is being duplicated in hundreds of youths in Nigeria and I have never cease to acknowledge you everywhere I go for presentation and now many youths long to hear you speak to them any time you are in Nigeria.

Prince Emmanuel

Your ministry is great. You seem so pure and your message was right on time. It is just like a light, a glow is on you. I needed your message and it gave me faith and believe that GOd has healed Algie my brother of cancer


I knew something was missing. I asked Abba Father what did I needed to do next. I was led to attend your workshop and through you it was made very clear. Thank you for your obedience.


It was awesome seeing a young lady who was Muslim come to The Lord yesterday and we are decreeing this is the first of many for the Albany region and thankful for more who are willing to stand with our region and our nation who are not even from here . Amen much love to you Princess Jennifer Lee.


I listened to a prayer CD before going to bed last night, I decreed with the words spoken by Princess Jennifer Lee and felt my spirit being stirred up for what God has in store for His people. Thanks to Princess Jennifer Lee for answering the call of God

William and Adriane

I want to let you know what a blessing you are to this region. You are a TRUE GOD SEND for these times. I have been tremendously blessed by your ministry of the prophetic word, and you carry great power through your fasted lifestyle. Thank you so much for coming to America and spreading the fire, our dry bones definitely need a touch!


God gave you a word about how I received my gift at age 9. I had never heard that before and I longed for prophets to tell me something about the music part of my gifting. It was definitely confirmed and I have been writing many new powerful Holy Spirit songs. Thank you Jesus. Thank you mighty woman of God for obeying the Lord and fasting and praying to help the people of God get closer to their God given purpose


I want to thank God for the great thing he has done in my life. I was healed of fibroid in my uterus which I have been caring for fifteen years, praise the Lord. The God who did this miracle for me will also do it for her In Jesus name.

Zandra Jalloh - Evangelist

Princess Jennifer, I want to thank you for your obedience in having the conference this past weekend. God showed up and it was awesome!!!

Lynn Quadrini - Little Flock Church