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PJL Ministries Teachings

Princess Jennifer Lee Ministries Powerful Teachings include:

   ±    Restoring the foundations.
   ±    Miracle meal (the power of the holy communion).
   ±    Keys to unlock your destiny.
   ±   Commanding the supernatural.
   ±   The release of power.
   ±   God's weapons for spiritual warfare & benefits.
   ±   Forgiveness key to freedom & divine health.
   ±   Sins of the father and resulting curses.
   ±   Breaking generational curses.
   ±   Healing and divine health. Is it possible?
   ±   Spiritual roots of disease, (connection between sin and disease).
   ±   Persistency in prayer the key to supernatural breakthrough James 5:16.
   ±   Spiritual blocks to healing.
   ±   Dynamic healing.
   ±   God's word and it's inherent power over all demonic oppressions) Luke 9:1.
   ±   Prosperity body, soul, mind and spirit. God's promise for his children.
   ±   Today is the day of God's power Psalm 110:3.
   ±   Evidence of his glory.
   ±   My purpose and destiny arise.
   ±   Overcoming power.
   ±   Help! satan is after my destiny.